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I am a professional, well-spoken individual, who demonstrates initiative and works as an enthusiastic add-on to your business. I perform your tasks in accordance with your current business routines and procedures, keeping in mind the overall business objectives, and always have your success at the top of my priority list. I strive to always provide a professional level of client service to all my clients, both locally and internationally in an efficient and courteous manner.

Armed with 16+ years of Executive Assistance & Administrative experience, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration. My industry experience spans across: Large South African Banking Corporates, Legal, Information Technology, Insurance, and Telecoms. I am ready to apply all my experience to your startup.

I regard myself as a person of loyalty, perseverance, and an excellent organizer. I can handle stress and perform well under pressure.

I am vibrant and outspoken with lots of energy and would be an asset to any client.

Why I Do What I Do?

( Hint - it's because of you! )

My passion for entrepreneurship and small businesses is the very reason why I started SBS VA Solutions. My entire aim is to assist you with key functions in your business so that you can concentrate on the income-generating ones. Consider me your crucial business ally.

My Goals for Your Business

Benefits of My Services

You Can Do All Things ... Doesn't Mean You Have To

It’s time to start delegating to a pro Virtual Assistant who has got your back completely so that you can shift your valuable time to money-making tasks.

Are you ready to … Finally have the support you need in your life and your business.

What do people say?

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better with my services.

Shikara is a hard working, curious fast learner. She worked with me in the Marketing Department, I was impressed with her ability to own projects, work independently and lead herself and others with empathy and convictions. She understands brand management, project management and Marketing very well, her admin skills are outstanding, she’s going so far! She has strong financial and budget management skills to top it all off.


For 3 years, Shikara acted as my assistant at Standard Bank, and I could not have been happier with her performance.
Shikara is a very conscientious individual who has excellent time management skills and well-developed organisational skills. Shikara was also excellent in terms of special projects, which often dealt with her taking the initiative coordinating multiple business areas and being able to multitask and prioritise tasks.
Any employer who is fortunate enough to hire Shikara will soon realise that she offers a unique skill set that makes her a very valuable part of the organization. Her cheerful and professional attitude helped everyone in the office to feel a bit more positive and that is something every office can use. Look forward to seeing Shikara grow into bigger and more demanding roles! 

Ex Manager at Standard Bank Group

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Shikara as a colleague, since the tenure of my role at Wealth And Investment South Africa. We were able to achieve a good combination of collaborative success on selected strategic projects for the former WI SA CE Shaun Kotwal and formed a very good professional partnership. Shikara is my go to person and always a centre of guidance and learning on the ‘Wealth and Investment Way’. She is well spoken, hard working, dedicated and a great person overall to converse with and work alongside. She is a great people’s person and is an asset to the business and the High Net Worth Executive leadership.

Team member at Standard Bank Group

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Ready To...

Finally have the support you need in your life and your business.

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