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“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done, because they want to do it.” - Dwight Eisenhower

My Process

In the same way I organise and systemise my client's businesses, I also have a clean procedure for new clients who would like to sign up for my Virtual services. Please follow my simple 4-step process below, should you be ready to modify the way your business is run, let's get started.

Let’s Have a Chat

To make sure that we are a right fit for each other, we will set up an online coffee chat, so that I can get a glimpse into your business, your industry and how I can best apply my services to your business needs.


Once we have agreed to proceed with my services, I will draft a contract between you and I, that will detail our business arrangements and protect both you and me whilst we are working together in your business.


I will then provide you with an invoice for the retainer month ahead, depending on which retainer package you have decided will best fit your tasks & needs. Please note I do charge in advance of work commencing.


Please note I do have a process for us to follow when onboarding begins and I will require approximately 90 minutes of your time at the outset so that you can take me through everything in your business.

Who Are My Services For?

If you are a small business that is not looking to hire a full-time Personal Assistant based in your office, but still need administration and secretarial services, my services are definitely for you!

If you are a professional that has left the corporate hustle to utilise your talents in the entrepreneur world, then this is for you!

My services will definitely apply to you. As an entrepreneur myself, I know exactly what it feels like to start, manage, and scale a business as a start-up. That makes me the perfect match to assist you.

SBS VA Solutions

You Can Do All Things ... Doesn't Mean You Have To!

It’s time to start delegating to a pro Virtual Assistant who has got your back completely so that you can shift your valuable time to money-making tasks.

A Virtual Assistant is Here To ...

Your Business Success

Are You

Ready To...

Finally have the support you need in your life and your business.


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